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Find out how Homeopathy and Naturopathy can help you:

Homeopathy is a system of natural health care that has been in use worldwide for over 200 years.  It has been recognized by the World Health Organization as the 2nd largest therapeutic system in the world.  

"Homeopathy is the epitome of personalized medical treatment.  Just as detectives painstakingly interview witnesses, look for clues and build profiles of possible perpetrators, pure homeopathic healing artists use inductive methods of research and deductive reasoning while eliciting each person's illness history, detecting individualized symptoms and assembling the information in such a way that it creates a unique picture of each person's mental, emotional and physical suffering." (paraphrase of a quote from "True Homeopathy" by Nicola Henriques).  

The ultimate goal of homeopathy is to strengthen the underlying "constitution" of the individual, which then allows the body to ultimately have a stronger defense against illnesses, and encourages true health overall (mental, emotional, physical) in the individual. 


Naturopathy is defined as "a system of therapy that employs no drugs or surgery, but relies on natural remedies, such as diet, herbs, exercise, sunshine, hydrotherapy, essential oils, and homeopathy to assist the natural healing process and treat and prevent disease."  


The six principles of Naturopathy are: 1) Do No Harm2) Treat the Whole Person (Holistic healing); 3) Identify and Treat the Causes; 4) Utilize the Healing Power of Nature; 5) The Doctor as Teacher and Facilitator; 6) Promoting Wellness through Supportive Counsel (Prevention).


The word "doctor" comes from the Latin word "docere", meaning to "teach, instruct", and is a significant tenet of traditional naturopathy.  


Naturopathy used in conjunction with Homeopathy helps to assist the body in the healing process in a sensitive and gentle manner.  

Holistic Harmony Natural Health Counseling, LLC was birthed out of a desire to assist the body in returning to a state of health and abundant life. 

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