Holistic Harmony Natural Health Counseling, LLC 
Teresa Glick, ND, BCND, CHom, CNHP
"Only the wounded physician heals" Carl Jung


Motivated by my own health challenges (fibromyalgia/migraines/medication sensitivities), and realizing that conventional medicine had nothing to truly help me with my chronic complaints, I became motivated to study Naturopathy, Herbal medicine, and Homeopathy in formal educational settings. I completed my Naturopathic education in 2012.  After receiving my ND diploma, and taking the board certification exam in naturopathy in 2013 (BCND), I started Holistic Harmony NHC , LLC.  After completing my Naturopathy degree, I did a course in 2015/2016 in herbal medicine with Dr. Christopher Hobbs, a well-known and respected authority in the herbal medicine community. 


Since I knew from the beginning of my Naturopathic studies that I wanted to specialize in classical/constitutional homeopathy due to its incredible results in my own health as well as in practice, and after researching the best school options, I enrolled in the 4-year accredited program with Homeopathy School International in 2016, finishing it and receiving my CHom certification designation in 2019 and my Advanced Clinical certificate in 2020. 

While enrolled with HSI, I also attended the Academy for Homeopathic Studies for 1 1/2 years, where I earned direct contact study hours with Dr. William Taylor, MD, homeopath, focusing on Anatomy, Physiology and Pathology as it relates to the study of homeopathy.   

Prior to continuing my education in the natural health realm, I taught all levels of education, as well as all subjects (using curricula that I designed based on the Trivium/classical method of education)  from K-12 for 14 years to my, now-adult offspring.  Several years ago, I majored in English education at The Ohio State University, and still maintain my passion for reading most genres of literature as well as non-fiction in my free-time. 


Most recently, I worked in an office management/accounting position before launching my practice. 


As a Naturopathic Homeopath, and because of all that I have suffered physically, I have a passion and conviction to help others reach their wellness goals and become empowered in taking control of their own health outcomes as we work together to determine the root causes of symptoms.  Because I specialize in classical homeopathy, you can be confident that consultations with me will be truly holistic and individualized.  

"The highest degree of medicine is love". Paracelsus

Formal Education pertaining to health:

-Health sciences  (Biology, Chemistry, Anatomy, Physiology, Pathology)

-Medical Terminology

-Naturopathic philosophy 

-Herbal/Botanical Therapies (Eastern and Western). 

-Nutrition (Diet&Disease; Enzymes; Vitamins/Minerals/EFA; Deficiencies,etc)

-Digestive Health

-Homeopathy (Philosophy; Materia Medica; Clinical; Advanced clinical;Repertory)


-Child Psychology

-Advanced Clinical Aromatherapy/Essential Oils


-Muscle Response Testing



-Jin Shin Jyutsu

-Traditional Chinese Medicine

-Face,Tongue, Nail Analysis

-Homeopathic Immune Education

-Biochemic Therapy

-Holistic Counseling

-Women's Health

-Dry Blood Cell Analysis

-pH Testing

-Bach Flower remedies

Continuing Education Credits in:

-Autism support with homeopathy

-Immune Health/Pandemic 

-Understanding and Working with Autoimmune Disease

-Hahnemannian Posology and Practical Case Management


-Homeopathic treatment of Asthma

-Working with Chronic Disease

"The law of cure, similia similibus curentur, is as fundamental as any law in nature.  It is a law of universal adaptability to human sickness;...This is the only general law for the cure of the physical and mental ills of man; it is the only method of healing that depends, as a whole, upon one general principle, and it is the only method of healing that has continued to withstand the pressure of time and changing circumstances." 

Herbert A. Roberts, MD 


"The greatest mistake in the treatment of diseases is that there are physicians for the body and physicians for the soul, although the two cannot be separated".


Forest Trees

Disclaimer:  Teresa Glick makes no pretense of being a licensed, conventional Medical Doctor, and will not diagnose illness, prescribe drugs or perform surgery.   Naturopathy and Homeopathy take many years to learn and master, and the education required to become an effective Naturopath/Homeopath includes extensive knowledge of the human body. Thus, in addition to that knowledge- base being important in her own work,  having that education helps her to know when referring to a conventional medical doctor is needed, as in cases of severe acute traumas and illnesses. The role of the true Naturopath/Homeopath is to assist the body in restoring itself to health by various means. It is not in competition with conventional medical modalities, but is a complement to them. 

The State of Ohio does not license Naturopaths or Homeopaths and has not adopted any educational or training requirements for unlicensed complementary or alternative health care practitioners.  Under Ohio Law, an unlicensed complementary or alternative health care practitioner may not provide a medical diagnosis or recommend that a person discontinue a medically prescribed treatment.