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Homeopathic/Holistic Consultations (rates below):
-Free "Discovery Call": A free 30 minute phone call to answer any questions about homeopathic or naturopathic treatment as well as what to expect in the initial consultation (this will not be a consultation, but will be for informational purposes only).
 After you send the request for appointment via the  "Visit Us" page, you will be contacted to set up this free Discovery Call. 
-Initial Consultation for Chronic issues: $150
The Process:
1). This initial, holistic health consultation will take place after your intake form is received.  Duration of this initial consultation is approximately 1 1/2- 2 hours, depending on the complexity of the case.  We will discuss your health history and presenting complaint, along with general information about you in order to find the homeopathic medication and other needed protocols that best fits your symptom picture.  
2). After the initial appointment, the analysis of the correct remedy for each case can take many hours, especially for long-term, chronic cases.  The homeopath may take as long as a week to analyze the case after the initial appointment.  The analysis involves serious study of homeopathic remedies via repertorization of symptoms and study of materia medica. In contrast to conventional medicine, in which protocols are used based on disease states regardless of individual symptoms, homeopaths utilize all of the symptoms of an individual, not merely the symptoms of the disease state, in order to choose a well-suited remedy/medication.  This can include whether or not a person has experienced a recent loss or other emotional upset, food and drink preferences, temperature preferences, etc.  Homeopathy is truly holistic, and takes the entirety of the individual into account during the consultation. Most clients enjoy the consultation process and express that they truly feel heard and cared for during the consultation. The homeopath will use all of the information that is compiled in this detailed consultation to develop an individualized homeopathic and wellness plan that will assist your body in coming to a place of health and abundant life once again.  
3).  After the homeopath has finished the analysis, you will be contacted and told which remedy will be best for you. You will also be sent, via the confidential electronic platform, detailed instructions regarding how to take the homeopathic medication, as well as any other supplement, herbal or lifestyle recommendations with links to the products in Holistic Harmony's Fullscript, Wellevate and other stores if you choose to order from them. 
-Follow-up Consultation: $75
Typically the first follow-up consultation will take place approximately one month after the initial consultation.  In the case of water dosing of remedies, there will be free weekly email check-ins until the actual monthly appointment. Duration of follow-up appointments are approximately 30 minutes- 1 hour.  The focus will be on measuring progress and making adjustments in protocols and homeopathic recommendations as needed.
-Acute Consultation: $50
Duration approximately 15- 30 minutes. Typically a phone consultation pertaining to acute illnesses such as colds, flus, etc. Please note: If you are not a current client, any acute consultations may take longer than the typical 15-30 minutes. The client will most likely need to stay in touch with the homeopath throughout the acute situation as well. 
Note: All consultations are holistic in nature.  Teresa Glick will not diagnose diseases or recommend discontinuation of any prescribed medical treatments.
Please contact us for information regarding financial hardship with regard to fees. 




I made an appointment with Holistic Harmony because of chronic fatigue that no amount of caffeine or sleep seemed to help.  I was skeptical about the homeopathic remedies, but even after one dose of the remedy that was recommended to me by Teresa Glick,  I felt a difference! My fatigue is much better now!


Osteoarthritis runs in my family.  I was in a lot of pain, mostly in my back and feet, and taking every supplement that I read about online to help it.  I had gotten to the point that I couldn't even tie my shoes, and was getting pretty depressed.  Teresa Glick recommended Rhus tox and a cell salt.  I was so shocked by the quick improvement! I can cut wood again now and have no back or foot pain.

A 59 year old male client

Naturopathic consultations (integrated within the holistic consultation)

-Lifestyle management counseling

-Supplement recommendations

-Naturopathic health assessments as needed 

-Detoxification recommendations

-Herbal remedy recommendations

-Muscle Response Testing

"Metaphorically speaking, disease is resistance"- Stuart Close, MD

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