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Homeoprophylaxis 101

Resources to explore on this topic


Having received several emails and messages this year with questions regarding this topic, I finally had some time to share a few resources that might be helpful. Due to the nature of this topic, I will mostly be sharing direct quotes explaining what homeoprophylaxis is from the books that I will be recommending below. All books are available from Amazon in the United States, as of this writing.


The Complete Practitioner's Manual of Homeoprophylaxis: Dr. Isaac Golden PhD, ND

This is the foundational book of the three that I will share in this blog post. Dr. Golden is from Australia and has done extensive research in the area of Homeoprophylaxis. From the bio on the back of his book: "Dr. Isaac Golden has been in clinical practice since 1984. He soon saw a need to develop and research the effectiveness of a long-term homeoprophylaxis (HP) program. His data collection from 1986-2004 led to him being awarded the first PhD in a homeopathic research topic from a mainstream Australian University. This book represents the gathering of nearly 30 years of practical experience in both using and researching HP".

The following are some quotes from his book:

"There is no such thing as 'homeopathic vaccination'. Homeopaths do not vaccinate, but we do offer a method of immunising against future infections. Homeoprophylaxis is not an attempt to mimic the vaccination pathway. It is a completely different and unique method of reducing the likelihood of developing the symptoms of an infectious disease if exposed to it".

"Homeoprophylaxis (HP) is the use of potentized substances in a systematic manner to prevent the development of the characteristic symptoms of infectious diseases."

"Thus the appropriate use of HP requires both skill and care. It is not a random technique, but one totally based on the correct application of the two fundamental homeopathic principles. Hahnemann and the masters were not wrong when they saw (and used) HP as an important part of mainstream homeopathy."

"Vaccines are intended to stimulate the production of antibodies without the risk of contracting the natural disease. HP does not work on the antibody level, and therefore the two methods should not be thought of as comparable. Vaccination and HP are two distinctly different methods of disease prevention."


The Solution: Homeoprophylaxis: The Vaccine Alternative: by Kate Birch, CCH, RSHom, CMT and Cilla Whatcott, PhD, CCH

This book is much less dense than the book mentioned above by Dr. Golden. As a result, it is more easily accessible to the parent and lay person interested in this topic. Both Ms. Birch and Dr. Whatcott studied with Dr. Golden and give him acknowledgments in their publications. I've referenced this book extensively in my practice, and appreciate the writing style, as well as the unique artwork within (by a Naturopathic physician, turned artist).

Of significance, Kate Birch started an organization called, "Free and Healthy Children International" This site has a wealth of information on this topic, including articles, research, videos, and references for parents and practitioners.

Some quotes from this book:

"The holistic view of disease observes that when the environment of the individual is mal-tuned, then, and only then, will the person become sick. This mal-tuned internal environment then opens the door for opportunisitc infections".

"While the conventional approach is to destroy all potential pathogens and shore up the immune system with vaccinations to avoid any pathological process, the holistic approach is to stregnthen the individual, to make him less susceptible to getting sick. Then if sickness does occur, to help the immune system make the sufficient and required action to remove the pathogen".


There is a Choice: Homeoprophylaxis, An Appeal to Mothers, By Cilla Whatcott, PhD, HD, RHom, CCH

Of the three books referenced in this blog post, this book is the least expensive and the least dense. There are also numerous footnotes and references, as well as more of a personal perspective from the author than in the previous two books. I don't feel that it is quite as readable as "The Solution", in its writing style, but it is an important book and one that I am thankful to have in my own personal collection.

One of Dr Whatcott's greatest contributions to this cause, in my opinion, is her amazing documentary series, entitled "Real Immunity". This documentary is in nine parts and is very professional and informative. Her website includes information on the documentary as well as other valuable information. Amazon Prime Video also has a streaming channel called "Gaia" in which the documentary can be found, if one has a subscription to the channel. I highly recommend the documentary to anyone interested in learning more about Homeoprophylaxis!

Final Thoughts:

The topic of homeoprophylaxis can be a weighty one for many reasons. The most obvious reason is regarding the conventional stance on the prevention of infectious diseases. However, even some homeopaths and Naturopaths do not agree with this method, for a variety of reasons. I have studied formally, in my continuing education pursuits, with each of the three authors/practitioners above, having had the most direct contact with Dr. Whatcott. Each of them approaches this subject matter with a truly humble attitude and with the purest of intentions toward helping the most defenseless people in our population...our precious babies and young children.

Copyright Holistic Harmony Natural Health Counseling, LLC, Teresa Glick, ND, CHom

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